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This is the "books and manuscripts" section. As documents are located and scanned to digital format, they will be added here for family use only. If there are any copyright problems please email me and I will correct the situation immediately. Please provide proof of ownership.

To view the documents you may need to download Adobe Reader from the internet. It is a free program for reading Professional Document Files (PDF). You can increase the font sizes of the documents with Adobe reader.

Document Donated By Added Date Modified Date
PDF Reader ADOBE 07/07/08 07/07/08
Mildred Kimmel's Dennis Family Manuscript Frank Dennis 07/07/08 07/07/08
Ordway's THE DENNIS FAMILY Frank Dennis 07/07/08 07/07/08
Gen. of R. G. Dennis Manuscript Frank Dennis 12/02/10 12/02/10

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