Deena Cavanaugh

Last Update: May 28, 2005

This directory and pictures are from Mrs. Deena Cavanaugh.

Mrs. Deena Cavanaugh
My Line

Thomas Dennis abt. 1638 and Grace Cole Searle

Next Generation

John Dennis 1673 and Lydia White

Next Generation

Rev. John Dennis 1708 and Martha Willcomb

Next Generation

Moses Dennis 1750 and Sarah (Sally) Frye

Next Generation

John Dennis 1793 and Nancy Hunt

Next Generation

Charles Norton Dennis

Next Generation

Charles Edward Dennis

Next Generation

Frederick Warren Dennis

Grand Child

Deena May Cavanaugh

Nancy Hunt Dennis Proof of Lineage

Nancy Hunt Dennis House

Nancy Hunt Dennis Candle Wick Quilts

Does anyone know of Ellen?

Nancy Hunt Dennis Silver

Family Line Pictures and Facts

Charles Norton Dennis

born March 16, 1826 at Petersboro, New Hampshire

died March 25, 1908 at Hamilton, Illinois

and his wife Margaret Elizabeth Ferson

born October 5, 1829 at Hillsboro County, New Hampshire

died September 19, 1893 at Hamilton, Illinois

Married September 11, 1851 at Goffstown, New Hampshire.

Charles Edward Dennis

born February 12, 1856 at Des Moines County, Iowa

died November 14, 1892 at Hamilton, Illinois

and his wife Florence Amanda Moore

born May 22, 1858 at Hamilton, Illinois

died at Hamilton, Illinois in 1923

Married December 26, 1878 at Carthage, Illinois.

Frederick Warren Dennis

born November 6, 1880 at Hamilton, Illinois

died April 4, 1952 at Hamilton, Illinois

and his wife Bertha Jean Prouty

born July 21, 1883 at Keokuk, Iowa

died at Hamilton, Illinois on November 27, 1960

Married January 9, 1907 at Keokuk, Iowa.