1. The Dennis Family by J. L. Ordway, 1890. (emphasis on Franklin6 Dennis)


2. History of my own line back to Thomas Dennis (typed MS) [DennFam]


3. The Descendants of Thomas and Grace Dennis of Ipswich, Massachusetts by Mildred Cull Kimmel , 1968 (typed MS) [Thomas1 John2 John3 Arthur4 Moses5 Robt. D.6 Louise7 (Whitbeck)]


4. A Genealogy of Rev. Rodney Gove Dennis, His Forebears and Descendants by Thomas Little, 1911.


5. Notes of Leora Wilson Drake, town historian, Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY on Dennis family back to Thomas. Emphasis on family of Moses Dennis Jr. (5), son of Moses (4)


6. Notes of Demorris (Boyd) Williams [Thomas1 John2 John3 Arthur4 Samuel5 Caroline Frances6 (Watson)] on Dennis line back to Thomas. Emphasis on family of Arthur (4), in Wayne County, NY


7. Ipswich Library Archives (copies of births, deaths, marriages on file in public library, Ipswich, MA)


8. Copy of information on Dennis and related families from History of Hancock, New Hampshire, 1764-1889 by W. W. Hayward.


9. Copies of information and photos of furniture made by Thomas Dennis on file in Winterthur Museum.


10. Copies of series of articles on Thomas Dennis furniture in Antiques magazine. (6-part series of articles by Irving P. Lyon, Vol. 32:230, 298; Vol. 33: 73, 198, 322; Vol. 34: 79) See also article by Homer E. Keyes, below.


11. Copy of pages from Essex Institute Annual Report, July 1965, with photos of Dennis furniture.


12. Copies of pension papers filed by Moses Dennis (4) for service in Revolutionary War (National Archives, Washington) [MosesD]


13. Copy of newspaper article in Ipswich Chronicle (6 Dec 1990) on the making of a replica of a Dennis chest


14. Copies of several articles dealing with early American furniture, including that made by Thomas Dennis


15. Keyes, Homer Eaton. 1938. Dennis or a Lesser Light ? Antiques 34:296-340. (questions authenticity of many items of furniture attributed to Thomas Dennis)


16. Photograph album kept by my grandparents [Willis and Alma (Rowley) Dennis], with photos of Willis's father (Franklin Dennis), mother (Abby Boardman), Willis's siblings and their immediate families.


17. Copy of will of Thomas Dennis


18. Map of Old North Churchyard, Ipswich, Mass., and list of Dennis graves.


19. Copy of biography of Rev. John3 Dennis from C. K. Shipton's "Harvard Lives" [included in item 2 above]


20. Photos of graves of Thomas and Grace, Lydia Dennis in Ipswich, Moses and Sarah, Lois Dennis in Hancock, NH, others.


21. Computerized genealogical records on Personal Ancestral File (PAF) of (1) my known ancestors and (2) all known Dennis descendants of Thomas Dennis and their immediate families.


22. Introduction to descendancy chart beginning with Thomas Dennis [denndesc]


23. Notes of Marjorie10 (Follmer) Hospidor (deceased) [Thomas1 John2 John3 Arthur4 Samuel5 Joseph D.6 Leonard M.7 Wm. Edgar8 Mary Leone9 (Follmer)]