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2nd Gen. USA

Captain John Dennis

Cap. John Dennis was born February 22, 1673 in Ipswich, Ma. (Essex County). His parents were Thomas and Grace Searles Dennis. He married Lydia White on March 31, 1699.

John and Lydia had their first child on December 22, 1701. This child was a daughter and she was born in Ipswich, Ma. (Essex County) and they named her after her mother, Lydia Dennis. Lydia Dennis lived seventy-one years and died on February 23, 1772.

Their second child was another daughter and she was born on August 25, 1704 in Ipswich, Ma. (Essex County). Her name was Elizabeth Dennis. Elizabeth married Nathanial Day on June 7, 1728. Elizabeth and Nathaniel had one daughter.

John and Lydia's third child was a boy and they named him after John's father. Thomas Dennis was born on June 19, 1706 in Ipswich, Ma. (Essex County). When he grew up he married Martha Kinsman on May 11, 1732. He achieved the status of Colonel in his military service. Thomas and Martha had eleven children. He died on April 22, 1771 in Ipswich, Ma. (Essex County). The value of his estate at the time of his death was L1395. Their son John was their fifth child and he was born on 5-3-1741. He married Salome Hodgkins on 5-13-1773. They had seven children. He was a mariner and was appointed a prize master during the Revolutionary War. After the war he returned to Litchfield and was the town treasurer for several years. He also served on the board of Selectman. His father was the brother to Rev. John Dennis so he was first cousin to Moses Dennis who also served in the Revolutionary War in marine service. This John Dennis (married to Salome Hodgkins) died in Litchfield on April 30, 1816.

The fourth child of John and Lydia's was a boy. They named him John Dennis after his father. He was born on November 3, 1708 in Ipswich, Ma. (Essex County). He grew up and went to college at Harvard to become a minister. He married Martha Wilcomb on December 12, 1736. There is much more details on him in the 3rd Generation USA portion of this record because he is our direct ancestor. Rev. John Dennis' seventh child was Moses Dennis and he is covered at length in this writings because he is our direct ancestor.

William Dennis is the fifth and last child born to John and Lydia Dennis. He was born in September of 1710. He died on November 11, 1711 and was buried at "Old North Burial Yard Ipswich, Ma. (Essex County). This is where his grandparents were buried. His gravestone says:

Here Lys ye Body of William, son of

Mr. John & Lydia Dennis, who died Nov.

Ye 11, 1711, aged 14 months & 11


The "Society of Colonial Wars" states that, "John Dennis 1673-1757 of Ipswich, Mass. He had married Lydia White. He was an Ensign in Ipswich Foot Company north side of the river in 1723." He must have progressed in the service and became a captain because there is later references to him as Captain John Dennis.

Lydia White Dennis was born on January 5, 1672 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of George White and Lydia Jordan Sampson. She died on June 10, 1712 and was buried in the Old North Burial Yard. This was only 2 years after she had given birth to her last son, William.

On June 21, 1713 John Dennis married a second time to Sarah Cogswell Tuttle Ward. She was widowed from Samuel Ward, whom she had married on November 13, 1699.

John Dennis died on May 13, 1757.