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5th Gen. USA

John Dennis

John DENNIS was born on March 1, 1793 in Hancock, New Hampshire. Before John was to marry Nancy he was a mariner. On one of his travels he went to China and brought home some silk to his bride to be. It was golden brown and had the tiniest stitches. Later it was given to Jane Dennis Johnson and she gave it to her daughter Iona Johnson Woodside. John was the last living boy of Moses and Sarah Dennis and he stayed on the homestead to look after them. When they passed on he sold the homestead and had a large home in Quincy, Illinois built. It was there that he and his wife shared the home with their daughter, Martha Elizabeth Dennis Humphrey and her family. After John passed on, his wife lived several more years and had to be taken care of by their daughter Martha. John and Nancy's son John Adams Dennis had a daughter Minnie. Minnie went to stay with Grandmother Nancy to help out and could remember that when Grandmother Nancy needed something she would pound on the wall. Grandmother Nancy was well known for her candlewick spreads for tables and beds. When Martha and her husband passed on, the house went to one of their sons and he was later to lose it to taxes.

John Dennis was married to Nancy HUNT (daughter of Deacon Timothy HUNT and Nancy WADE) on March 11, 1817. Nancy HUNT was born on September 21, 1794 in Peterboro, N.H. Nancy was directly related to two of the parties aboard the Mayflower when it arrived in America in 1620. William Mullins and his daughter were on board. His daughter's name was Pricilla Mullins. Also aboard was John Alden. A year or so of their arrival John married Pricilla. Also through Nancy we are related to the second President of the United States, John Adams. Also his son became the sixth President of the United States. So we had two very famous cousins and it leads us up through the Adams lineage. Nancy died on January of 1893 in Quincy, Illinois. John DENNIS and Nancy HUNT had the following children:

i. John Adams DENNIS. Born 4-13-1818

& Augusta Ursula Cross

(eight children)

& Barbara Ellen Morgan

(twelve children)

ii. Nancy DENNIS. Born 6-6-1821

& Benjamin Winn m. 10-17-1844

iii. Sarah B. DENNIS. Born 3-4-1824

& Timothy J. Farnsworth m. 10-4-1852

iv. Charles Norton DENNIS. Born 3-16-1826

& Margaret E. Ferson

(seven children)

v. Maria Lousia DENNIS. Born 10-4-1828

& Prentice K. Tuttle m. 11-5-1846

vi. Lucy Amelia DENNIS. Born 3-18-1831

& Lawson Kendall Gray

(nine children)

vii. Martha Elizabeth DENNIS. Born 9-6-1833

& T. DeWitt Cary m. 12-25-1859

& Edward F. Humphrey m. 12-18-1861

(two children)

viii. Julia Abby DENNIS. Born 12-8-1838

& Alonzo Shedd

(two children)