Larry Dennis Directory

Last Update: September 25, 2001

My Generations

Thomas Dennis abt. 1638 and Grace Cole Searle

Served in the military during the King Philip War.

Next Generation

John Dennis 1673 and Lydia White

Next Generation

Rev. John Dennis 1708 and Martha Willcomb

Next Generation

Moses Dennis 1750 and Sarah (Sally) Frye

Served in the Revolutionary War. This connection has been proven and a military government service retirement payment was given to his widow after his death some years later.

Next Generation

John Dennis 1793 and Nancy Hunt *

It is from Nancy Hunt that the connection can be made to the Mayflower and two Presidents of the United States of America

Next Generation

John Adams Dennis 1818 and (1) Augusta Ursula Cross,

(2) Barbara Ellen Morgan

(Barbara Morgan second wife of John Adams Dennis is my connection)

Served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Next Generation

John Quincy Dennis 1863 and Carrie Graff

Next Generation

Ray John Dennis 1898 and L. Pearl Johnson


Larry Ray Dennis

I am related to two families that arrived in America; on the Mayflower in 1620. This relationship comes through Nancy Hunt Dennis.

1. John Alden

2. William Mullins (dau. Pricilla Mullins who married John Alden).

The Mayflower Connection

The Connection to John Adams, 2nd President