Larry Dennis Directory

Last Update: October 09, 2001

The stories of the first six generations of the Dennis' family are brought together from many different sources. Some of those sources have been put in writing from times before Moses Dennis lived. It would be impossible to give everyone credit for their hard labor. Over the years, all the Dennis family has wanted there to be a record of their family. We are lucky to have so many family members keep track of their family's histories. Some of the journal entries and Civil War letters are entered in these writings without any changes to the wording.

My family and I have put as many stories as we can find together for all to enjoy. That is the only credit we will claim.

The Dennis'

Six Generation Brief Story

(gathered from many sources of prior family members)

It has been supposed that Thomas Dennis (abt. 1638 to 1706) had been born about 1628 or 1630 to William and Jane Dennis of Portsmouth, N. H. We have organized our generation story by starting with Thomas Dennis as the first generation until we have more complete information.

First Generation Thomas Dennis

Second Genation Captain John Dennis

Third Generation Rev. John Dennis

Fourth Generation Moses Dennis

Fifth Generation John Dennis

Sixth Generation John Adams Dennis