Ronald Blanchard Folder

Last Update: April 21, 2010

Ronald Blanchardís lineage is: Thomas (1) - John (2) - John (3) - Arthur (4) - Samuel (5) - Joseph D. (6) - Leonard (7) - Sarah Love (Swan) (8) - Blanche Swan (Blanchard) (9) - Ronald Blanchard (10). Leonard Dennis and his wife Clara Horton were born in Western New York State, but moved with their two sons to Ingham Co., Michigan in the 1850s. Four more child were born there, and some of their descendants, including Ron, still live in the area.

Bravendar, Alva Isaac (1871-1935)

Carl, Charles L. ( -1919)

Dennis, Maus Augustus (1855-1917)

Dennis, Corla Nancy (1865-1936) w. of Charles L. Carl

Dennis, Joseph Horton (1853-1923)

Dennis, Leonard (1827-1887)

Dennis, Sara Love (1859-1925) w. of Frank E. Swan

Dennis, Stephen Douglas (1862-1919)

Dennis, William Edgar (1851-1911)

Graves, Myrtle (1866-1951) w. of Stephen D. Dennis

Hammond, Alice Jane (1863-1929) w. of Wm. Edgar Dennis

Hammond, Flora Dennis (1879- ) w. of Bert Hammond

Horton, Clarissa w. of Leonard Dennis

Smith, Helen Jane (1861-1944), w. of Maus A. Dennis

Swan, Blanche Ie (1897-1988) dau. of Frank E. Swan

Swan, Clara Artlissa (1888-1984) dau. of Frank E. Swan

Swan, Frank Eli (1857-1944)

Swan, Myrl Lucille (1890-1975) dau. Frank E. Swan

Swan, Roy B. (1886-1918) Son of Frank E. Swan

Swan, Ruth Esther (1893-1984) dau. of Frank E. Swan