Robert Wesley HILBORN (RIN: 156) was born 17 November 1845 in Jasper, Steuben Co., NY. He married Martha Esther DENNIS 24 December 1869. He died 01 May 1913 in Jasper, Steuben Co., NY. Martha Esther DENNIS (RIN: 27), daughter of Franklin DENNIS and Martha Esther LAMSON , was born 24 November 1849 in N. Jasper, Steuben Co., NY. She died 21 July 1922 in Silver Lake, NY.

Children of Robert Wesley HILBORN and Martha Esther DENNIS are:
1. Lewis E. HILBORN (RIN: 158), b. 15 June 1873
2. Rollo A. HILBORN (RIN: 159), b. 19 December 1876
3. Jessie May HILBORN (RIN: 160), b. 13 August 1881
4. Carrie Serena HILBORN (RIN: 161), b. 09 July 1888
5. infant HILBORN (RIN: 162), b. 09 July 1888
6. Charles D. HILBORN (RIN: 1775), b. June 1871

Notes for Robert Wesley HILBORN:

Notes for Martha Esther DENNIS:

Notes for Lewis E. HILBORN:

LWD, p. 108.

Notes for Rollo A. HILBORN:

m. 27 Mar 1908 Jasper Mrs. Genevieve Grinolds House (wid. Wm. House,
Eugene Wesley Grinolds and Laura Amitta Towsley of Troupsburg, NY)
(LWD, p. 101)

Notes for Jessie May HILBORN:

Notes for Carrie Serena HILBORN:

!Death: Willard State Hospital (LWD)

!Burial: Gully Cem. (W. Jasper or Milwaukee Cem.) - Steuben Co. GenWeb - cemetery records.

Notes for infant HILBORN:

LWD, p. 101.

Notes for Charles D. HILBORN:

!Birth: est. from death date and age. [called "Harley" in some records]

!Death: Steuben Co. GenWeb - Cemetery records

!Burial: Gully (W. Jasper and Milwaukee) cemetery.

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