Boardman DENNIS (RIN: 31), son of Franklin DENNIS and Abbie BOARDMAN , was born 30 November 1853 in , Steuben, New York. He married Elvira ORDWAY 15 August 1883 in Jasper, Steuben, NY. He died 1931. Elvira ORDWAY (RIN: 81) was born 27 November 1856 in Jasper, Steuben, NY. She died 25 January 1932 in Jasper, Steuben, NY.

Children of Boardman DENNIS and Elvira ORDWAY are:
1. Clark DENNIS (RIN: 82), b. 13 November 1885 See Clark DENNIS & Lydia Adelia STEPHENS

Other Marriages/Unions for Boardman DENNIS:
See Boardman DENNIS & Ann Eliza BATCHELDER

Notes for Boardman DENNIS:

LWD, p. ... "Landmarks of Steuben Co.", p. 363 -farm-reared, owns
J. L. Ordway
farm. Member of Banner Grange No. 539 of N. Jasper. wife and ch.
Ancestry of wife Vira, dau. J.L. Ordway, and info on siblings.

Notes for Elvira ORDWAY:

L.W.Drake. dau. Jonathan L. Ordway and Orissa E. Clark. member
Jasper Pres.

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