Louis Franklyn DENNIS (RIN: 70), son of Truman DENNIS and Ida May GILBERT , was born 06 June 1884 in Bainbridge, NY. He married Elsie Cassell LEISHEAR 10 June 1907 in Washington, DC. He died 01 November 1919 in Washington, D.C.. Elsie Cassell LEISHEAR (RIN: 210).

Children of Louis Franklyn DENNIS and Elsie Cassell LEISHEAR are:
1. Ruth Elizabeth DENNIS (RIN: 211), b. 21 January 1915 See Jerome P. HUBBARD & Ruth Elizabeth DENNIS

Notes for Louis Franklyn DENNIS:

L. W. Drake (1975)- Expert machinist in Naval Gun factory, Navy Yard,
Washington, DC.

Notes for Elsie Cassell LEISHEAR:

dau. George and Minnie Burrows Leishear. Elsie m (2) Percy E. Allen
(?) of
Washington, D.C.

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