Robert Rowley DENNIS (RIN: 84), son of Rowley Clarence DENNIS and Sarah Gertrude HENDERSON , was born 05 May 1923 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY. He married Henrietta Marie KELLY 22 April 1955. He died 17 July 2003 in Camino, CA. Henrietta Marie KELLY (RIN: 85) was born 11 September 1936 in San Jose, CA.

Children of Robert Rowley DENNIS and Henrietta Marie KELLY are:
1. Susan Kelly Marie DENNIS (RIN: 87), b. [private] See ? & Susan Kelly Marie DENNIS

Notes for Robert Rowley DENNIS:

!Birth: Good Shepherd Hospital, Syracuse (LWD)

!Death: phone call from son Frank, 3 August 2003

Notes for Henrietta Marie KELLY:

Parents - John E. Kelly III, San Jose, CA; Marie Meyers, San
Francisco, CA.
(may be place of birth ?) -- R.R. Dennis, Oct 1995.

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