Elvin Jerome WOOD (RIN: 107) was born 10 February. He married Fannie Ellen DENNIS 16 February 1929 in Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY. He died 01 November 1979 in Pasadena, TX. Fannie Ellen DENNIS (RIN: 97), daughter of Oscar Ray DENNIS and Effa Mae SHERWOOD , was born 26 September 1910. She died 04 February 1983 in Pasadena, TX.

Children of Elvin Jerome WOOD and Fannie Ellen DENNIS are:
1. Sally B. WOOD (RIN: 178), b. abt. 1933

Notes for Elvin Jerome WOOD:

Son of Clinton Wood of N. Jasper (LWD, p. 102). d. of death - Gladys
Brewer Oct
1995. Son of Clinton Wood and Sarah Brownell (Doris W. Perkins, 12/96)

!Death: Gladys Brewer 10/95

!Burial: Doris Wood Perkins, 12/96

Notes for Fannie Ellen DENNIS:

!LWD, p. 102. d. of death, Fannie's middle name and ch. - Gladys
Brewer, Oct.

!Birth: L.W.Drake, p. 102

!Death: Gladys Brewer, 10/95

!Burial: Doris W. Perkins 12/96

Notes for Sally B. WOOD:

!Birth: Doris W. Perkins 12/96

!Death:Doris W. Perkins 12/96

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