Harrison NEWTON (RIN: 1861) was born abt. 1807 in Shrewsbury, MA ?. He married Eliza How DENNIS 7 Mar 1829(int). Eliza How DENNIS (RIN: 1859), daughter of Ebenezer Rice DENNIS and Keziah HOLLAND , was born 04 November 1807 in Barre, Worcester Co., MA.

Children of Harrison NEWTON and Eliza How DENNIS are:
1. Caroline Miranda NEWTON (RIN: 226), b. 11 November 1827
2. Harriet Emeline NEWTON (RIN: 1889), b. 16 June 1833
3. Charles Elliott NEWTON (RIN: 1895), b. 25 October 1829 See Charles Elliott NEWTON & ?
4. Charles Elliott NEWTON (RIN: 1993), b. 17 April 1835
5. Harriet Lydia NEWTON (RIN: 1994), b. 13 June 1839
6. Lewis Dennis NEWTON (RIN: 1995), b. 08 February 1847
7. Mary Eliza NEWTON (RIN: 1996), b. 15 October 1842

Marriage Notes for Harrison NEWTON\Eliza How DENNIS:

!Marriage:Intentions - VR Barre, Mass.

Notes for Harrison NEWTON:

!Birth: Warren Forsythe (see notes for mother - Keziah. son of Dana Newton and Miriam Smith.

!Marriage: Intentions - VR Barre

Notes for Eliza How DENNIS:

!Birth: VR Barre

Notes for Caroline Miranda NEWTON:

!Birth: VR Barre

Notes for Harriet Emeline NEWTON:

!Birth: VR Barre

!Death: VR Barre

Notes for Charles Elliott NEWTON:

!Birth: VR Barre

Notes for Harriet Lydia NEWTON:

!Birth: VR Barre

Notes for Lewis Dennis NEWTON:

!Birth: VR Barre

Notes for Mary Eliza NEWTON:

!Birth: VR Barre

!Death: VR Barre, dysentery

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