Max Frye DENNIS (RIN: 250), son of William Franklin DENNIS and Ida Julia MARLATT , was born 04 August 1888 in Woodhull, Steuben Co., NY. He married Alice Marie RAHN 24 August 1918 in Columbia, SC. He died 07 March 1972. Alice Marie RAHN (RIN: 253) was born 09 November 1889 in New York, NY. She died January 1951.

Other Marriages/Unions for Max Frye DENNIS:

Notes for Max Frye DENNIS:

!Served in WW I with Co. C from Elmira. Remained in NC as 1st Lt. in
soldiers training camp for 2 years, 3 mo. Depy. County Treasurer of Chemung
Co., NY in 1932. (LWD, p. 94)

!Marriage: Neva F. Dennis (1973)

!Death: ditto

!Burial: ditto

Notes for Alice Marie RAHN:

!Dau. Charles Rahn and Minnie Higgins of Elmira, NY. (LWD, p. 94)

!Birth: LWD. Neva F. Dennis (1973) says that she was b. in Columbia, SC.

!Death: Woodlawn Cemetery (NFD)

!Burial: ditto

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