Rodney Gove DENNIS (RIN: 987), son of John DENNIS and Eunice FLING , was born 10 February 1818. He married Ruth S. HOYT 12 July 1846 in E. New Portland, ME. He died 04 December 1893 in E.Newportland, Somerset Co., ME. Ruth S. HOYT (RIN: 528) was born 19 February 1818 in , ME. She died 20 May 1886 in E.Newportland, Somerset Co., ME.

Children of Rodney Gove DENNIS and Ruth S. HOYT are:
1. Eva DENNIS (RIN: 354), b. abt. 1849
2. Ruth DENNIS (RIN: 788), b. abt. 1860
3. Glester DENNIS (RIN: 789), b. abt. 1854
4. Mary L. DENNIS (RIN: 930), b. abt. 1852
5. Eunice Bell DENNIS (RIN: 1874), b. 14 March 1860

Marriage Notes for Rodney Gove DENNIS\Ruth S. HOYT:

Intentions 25 June 1846; marriage 12 (?) July (VR E. New Portland,

Notes for Rodney Gove DENNIS:

!Birth:Boyd notes, p. 19

!Living with wife Ruth, 4 ch. and mother (?) Eunice, age 79 in
E.Newportland at time of 1860 Census (p. 20) --Boyd notes, p. 19. Probably b. E.
Newportland. Farmer. Children all born Maine.

!Death: U.S. Genweb - Maine

!Burial: E. NewPortlant Cem. - ditto

Notes for Ruth S. HOYT:

!Birthplace:1860 census E. Newportland, p.20 (Boyd notes, p. 19)

!Birth: US Genweb - Maine

!Death: ditto

!Burial: E. Newportland Cem. , New Portland, Me.- ditto

Notes for Eva DENNIS:

1860 Census data (Boyd, p. 19)

Notes for Ruth DENNIS:

1860 Census (Boyd notes, p. 19)

Notes for Glester DENNIS:

1860 Census (Boyd notes, p. 19)

Notes for Mary L. DENNIS:

1860 Census (Boyd, p. 19)

Notes for Eunice Bell DENNIS:

!Birth: U.S. Genweb - Maine

!Death: ditto

!Burial: New Portland Cem. - ditto

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