Harry Wesley DENNIS (RIN: 439), son of Elmer Ferson DENNIS and Martha Ella BRIDGES , was born 04 January 1883 in Hamilton, IL. He died 08 August 1956 in Keokuk, IA. Nellie V. MORRISON (RIN: 483) was born 15 February 1882 in Hamilton, IL. She died in Keokuk, IA.

Children of Harry Wesley DENNIS and Nellie V. MORRISON are:
1. Elmer Wesley DENNIS (RIN: 485), b. 04 March 1910 See Elmer Wesley DENNIS & Esther KLINGLER
2. James Russell DENNIS (RIN: 490), b. 21 November 1911 See James Russell DENNIS & Ruth Maxine KINKADE
3. Ethel Ellen DENNIS (RIN: 491), b. 05 November 1903 See Ivan James FRANKLIN & Ethel Ellen DENNIS

Notes for Harry Wesley DENNIS:

b, d. dates and places from J. Dennis (Apr 1996)

Notes for Nellie V. MORRISON:

Name and date of birth from Laura Jones Dennis 3/96. J. Dennis (Apr
1996) -
middle initial, exact birthdate, place of birth and death, parents -
James E.
Morrison (1844- ) and Lydia Darnell (1856- ).

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