Marenus HARRISON (RIN: 631). Augusta Ann DENNIS (RIN: 700), daughter of Joseph Dix DENNIS and Love CARLL , was born 30 November 1835. She died 16 June 1881 in Inkster, MI.

Children of Marenus HARRISON and Augusta Ann DENNIS are:
1. Emily A. HARRISON (RIN: 629), b. 09 October 1856
2. Georgia Mattie HARRISON (RIN: 630), b. 10 November 1862

Notes for Marenus HARRISON:

!Boyd/Follmer notes, p. 36. Son of Marenus, Sr. (D. Porter)

Notes for Augusta Ann DENNIS:

Notes for Emily A. HARRISON:

!Birth: Follmer notes, p.25

!Marriage: m. ___ Cuykendall of Detroit (Boyd/Follmer notes, p. 36); Follmer notes, p 25.

Notes for Georgia Mattie HARRISON:

!Birth: Follmer notes, p. 25.

!Marriage: m. ___ Sims (Boyd/Follmer notes, p. 36.

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