Thomas YORK (RIN: 811) was born 15 January 1794. He married Edith Adams DENNIS 16 August 1821 in Lyons, Wayne Co., NY. He died 21 January 1840 in Lyons, Wayne, NY. Edith Adams DENNIS (RIN: 683), daughter of Samuel DENNIS and Sarah DIX , was born 28 March 1801 in E.Newportland, Kennebec, ME. She died 16 August 1821 in Lyons, Wayne Co., NY.

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Notes for Thomas YORK:

!Birth:Lawrence Fox Jr. 12/97


!Buried:VanMarter Cemetery - age 46

Brother of Robert, who married wife's sister Mary Dennis (Kimmel, p.
) One of five sons (Robert, Thomas, James, Benjamin, John) of
Robert (b. 28 May 1752, d. 1817) and Mary (White) York of Grey, ME,
who settled in York Settlement, Town of Huron, in Wayne Co. in 1813.
Robert Sr. was a lieutenant of the militia in the Rev. War. Came
from Maine by ox-team in 1813 along Mohawk River through Little
Falls to Three Rivers, up Seneca River Valley through what is now
Montezuma to Clyde. (from mimeo -- The York Family and York
Settlement, by Margarett Seager Liddle). Later built house on
Burton Rd. in Lyons. (L. Fox Jr. 12/97)

Notes for Edith Adams DENNIS:

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