Robert Jr. YORK (RIN: 793) was born 1796 in , ME. He married Mary G. DENNIS 25 September 1877 in Allegan, MI. Mary G. DENNIS (RIN: 684), daughter of Samuel DENNIS and Sarah DIX , was born 25 February 1803 in E.Newportland, Kennebec, ME. She died 23 September 1877 in Zurich, Wayne, NY.

Children of Robert Jr. YORK and Mary G. DENNIS are:
1. Samuel YORK (RIN: 794), b. 1825
2. Sarah YORK (RIN: 795), b. abt. 1827
3. Mary YORK (RIN: 796), b. abt. 1829
4. Hannah YORK (RIN: 797), b. abt. 1832
5. Susan YORK (RIN: 798), b. abt. 1834
6. Robert YORK (RIN: 799), b. abt. 1836

Notes for Robert Jr. YORK:

!Birth: D.B.Williams



Son of Robert York (1752-1817) and brother of Thomas (see notes on

Notes for Mary G. DENNIS:

!Birth:1850 Census Lyons, NY; day - Roy Brower notes, Wayne Co.
Historian's office.

!Married:Roy Brower's notes - Wayne Co. Historian's Office

!Children:6 b from 1825-1836, all in NY State

!Death: notes of M. Follmer, p. 67 (23), says she d. in Michigan.

!Buried:Van Marter Cem., Lyons Road, Lyons, NY

Notes for Samuel YORK:

!Birth:1850 census Lyons, NY

Notes for Sarah YORK:

!Birth:1850 census Lyons, NY

Notes for Mary YORK:

!Birth:1850 census Lyons, NY

Notes for Hannah YORK:

!Birth:1850 census Lyons, NY

Notes for Susan YORK:

!Birth:1850 census Lyons, NY

Notes for Robert YORK:

!Birth:1850 census Lyons, NY

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