William MINNIS (RIN: 780) was born 23 March 1817 in Phelps, Ontario Co., NY. He died 22 October 1908 in Williamston, Ingham Co., MI. Phoebe DENNIS (RIN: 693), daughter of Joseph Dix DENNIS and Love CARLL , was born 05 November 1819 in Zurich, Wayne Co, NY. She died 18 April 1889 in Wheatfield Twnsp., Ingham Co., MI.

Children of William MINNIS and Phoebe DENNIS are:
1. Adam D. MINNIS (RIN: 781), b. 06 April 1853
2. Willard E. MINNIS (RIN: 981), b. 11 January 1841
3. James Emmet MINNIS (RIN: 982), b. 16 October 1859
4. Emma Eliza MINNIS (RIN: 984), b. 23 November 1846

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