Lewis WATSON (RIN: 818) was born 03 July 1806 in Mt Vernon, Kennebec, ME. He married Caroline Frances DENNIS 1826. He died aft. 1848 in W.Independence, OH. Caroline Frances DENNIS (RIN: 706), daughter of Samuel DENNIS and Sarah DIX , was born 11 May 1811 in E.Newportland, Kennebec, ME. She died 27 July 1872 in Lyons, Wayne, NY.

Children of Lewis WATSON and Caroline Frances DENNIS are:
1. Sherburne Dudley WATSON (RIN: 819), b. 04 July 1828
2. Mary Clarinda WATSON (RIN: 820), b. 24 November 1830
3. Nancy Jane WATSON (RIN: 821), b. 13 September 1832
4. Philinda WATSON (RIN: 822), b. 29 November 1834

Notes for Lewis WATSON:

!Birth:Vital records

!Married:Records D.B. Williams

!Death:Kimmel, p. 90 (unconfirmed)


Son of Dudley and Plly Sherburne Watson. Musician, taught vocal
music. Left
wife with 4 small ch.

Notes for Caroline Frances DENNIS:

Notes for Sherburne Dudley WATSON:

!Birth:Records D.B. Williams. 5 Jul 1828 by Samuel Dennis Bible.

!Death:Kimmel/Williams, p. 39.

!Marriage:m. Temperance Welch (ditto)

Ch- Andrew J., Jehial, Ulissa, Eliza Jane, Nancy Jane, Belle (ditto)

Notes for Mary Clarinda WATSON:

!Birth:Records D.B. Williams. Samuel Dennis Bible.

!Death:Kimmel/Williams, p. 39.

!Marriage: m. Samuel Hoyt, lived in Fostoria, OH (ditto)

Ch- Josephine (m. David Cole)

Notes for Nancy Jane WATSON:

!Birth:Records D.B. Williams. Samuel Dennis Bible.

!Marriage:Kimmel/Williams, p. 40. Charles A. Youngs


Nancy and Charles started for CA Feb 1851, going around Cape Horn.
she contracted tuberculosis, and they returned to NY between 1857-1861.
Charles enlsisted in Union Army, d. in Libbey Prison. Ch - Edwin Clark
Young (1854 in CA), Frances Young (1857 in CA)

Notes for Philinda WATSON:

!Birth:Records D.B. Williams. Samuel Dennis Bible - 29 Nov 1833

!Marriage:21 Jul 1858 Nehemiah Reynolds, Jr. of Town of Lyons, NY
(Kimmel/Williams, p. 40.

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