Lilly H GIFFORD (RIN: 823) was born 1820 in , ME. He married Eunice P. DENNIS 02 May 1855 in St. Louis, MO. He died in , MI. Eunice P. DENNIS (RIN: 707), daughter of Samuel DENNIS and Sarah DIX , was born 03 September 1813 in , NY. She died 02 May 1855 in St. Louis, MO.

Children of Lilly H GIFFORD and Eunice P. DENNIS are:
1. Emmaline GIFFORD (RIN: 824), b. 1841

Notes for Lilly H GIFFORD:

!Birth:Records of D.B. Williams

!Children:Emmaline b 1841 NY

Blacksmith (Kimmel/Williams, p. 41)

Notes for Eunice P. DENNIS:

Notes for Emmaline GIFFORD:

!Birth:1860 Census Record

!Married:___Reynolds, had dau. Sarah Love Reynolds (Kimmel/Williams,
p. )

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