Nathaniel DENNIS (RIN: 710), son of Thomas DENNIS and Martha KINSMAN , . Mary STANIFORD (RIN: 1130) was born 26 July 1755 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. She died 19 August 1830 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.

Children of Nathaniel DENNIS and Mary STANIFORD are:
1. Nathaniel DENNIS (RIN: 1132), b. 15 November 1774 See Nathaniel DENNIS & Susannah HODGKINS
2. Sarah DENNIS (RIN: 1133) See John LORD & Sarah DENNIS
3. Susanna DENNIS (RIN: 1134), b. 19 May 1780
4. Mary DENNIS (RIN: 1135)
5. Mary DENNIS (RIN: 1136)
6. Lydia DENNIS (RIN: 1137), b. 10 May 1781 See John Jr. NEWMARCH & Lydia DENNIS OR John Howard DODGE & Lydia DENNIS
7. Martha DENNIS (RIN: 1138) See James HARRIS & Martha DENNIS
8. Hannah DENNIS (RIN: 1139) See John Searle TENNEY, Judge & Hannah DENNIS
9. Thomas DENNIS (RIN: 1140)

Notes for Nathaniel DENNIS:

!1790 Census - Ipswich, Essex Co., MA, Roll No. 1, p. 78 ?

!Baptism:From Leora Drake and Mary Dennis Pugh of Canisteo, NY

Notes for Mary STANIFORD:

!Birth:Ipswich Library notebook. Ch. of Capt. Jeremy Staniford and

!Death:Ipswich Library notebook.


Notes for Susanna DENNIS:

!Birth:Ipswich Library notebook

Notes for Mary DENNIS:

!Birth:Ipswich Library notebook. Possible error - born too close to sister Lydia.

Notes for Mary DENNIS:

!Birth:Ipswich Library Notebook



Notes for Thomas DENNIS:


!Baptism:Ipswich V.R.

!Death:Ipswich Library notebook

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