Daniel Jr. RING (RIN: 771) was born 28 December 1784 in Litchfield, ME. He married Elizabeth DENNIS 07 November 1808 in Kennebec, Litchfield Co., ME. He died 13 December 1820. Elizabeth DENNIS (RIN: 717), daughter of John DENNIS and Salome HODGKINS , was born 26 February 1785 in , MA. She died 13 December 1820.

Children of Daniel Jr. RING and Elizabeth DENNIS are:
1. Salome RING (RIN: 1407), b. 28 October 1809
2. Lydia RING (RIN: 1408), b. 28 May 1811
3. Elizabeth RING (RIN: 1409)
4. Benjamin RING (RIN: 1410), b. 21 July 1815
5. William RING (RIN: 1411), b. 21 June 1818
6. Daniel D. RING (RIN: 1844), b. 29 February 1820

Notes for Daniel Jr. RING:

!Son of Daniel Ring (d. 26 Jul 1825, ae 80 yr) and Lydia Savage (d.
28 Sep 1827, ae 68 yr. Daniel Jr. lived in Litchfield until about
1825, then moved to Ripley. (History of Litchfield, ME, p. 285)

!Married:History of Litchfield, ME. m (2) Eunice Magoon 14 June
1821, had 7 ch by her 1822-1839.

!Death:Ipswich Library Notebook.

Notes for Elizabeth DENNIS:

!Emigrated:From Ipswich to Litchfield, ME in Oct 1789. Hist. of


!Baptism: Ipswich VR - Baptisms, p. 11.

!Marriage: LDS Microfiche, p. 6074 gives 17 Nov 1808 in Kennebec.

Notes for Salome RING:

!Birth:History of Litchfield, MA, p. 286.

!Marriage: m. Timothy Ham, lived in Cambridge, ME (ditto)

Notes for Lydia RING:

!Birth:History of Litchfield, ME, p. 286

!Marriage:ditto. m. Stillman Hall (sister Elizabeth also m.
Stillman Hall ?)

Notes for Elizabeth RING:

!Marriage: m. Stillman Hall (History of Litchfield, ME, p. 286)
sister Lydia also m. Stillman Hall ??

Notes for Benjamin RING:

!Birth:History of Litchfield, ME, p. 286


Notes for William RING:

!Birth:History of Litchfield, ME, p. 286

!Marriage:ditto - m. Almira Gould, lived in Cambridge, ME

Notes for Daniel D. RING:

!Birth: History of Litchfield, p. 285. m. Sodema Leavitt, lived in Cambridge, ME

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