James Egbert HEWITT (RIN: 915) was born 16 April 1869. He married Florence Elizabeth DENNIS 25 November 1890 in Lyons, Wayne, NY. He died 17 December 1933 in Oswego, Oswego, NY. Florence Elizabeth DENNIS (RIN: 757), daughter of George Washington DENNIS and Elizabeth WHITING , was born 13 January 1869. She died 02 May 1942 in Richmond, VA.

Children of James Egbert HEWITT and Florence Elizabeth DENNIS are:
1. Willis Devereaux HEWITT (RIN: 916), b. 29 June 1896 See Willis Devereaux HEWITT & ?
2. Jesse Merle HEWITT (RIN: 917), b. 06 April 1898
3. Hazel Frances HEWITT (RIN: 918), b. 24 September 1908

Notes for James Egbert HEWITT:

!Birth:Records of daughter Hazel frances Hewitt

!Buried:Brick Church Cemetery, Sodus Ctr., NY

Notes for Florence Elizabeth DENNIS:

!Birth:Bible owned by Hazel Hewitt, Oswego, NY

!Buried:Brick Church Cemetery, Sodus Ctr., NY

Notes for Jesse Merle HEWITT:

!Birth:Info from mother, Florence Hewitt

!Died:In World War I- buried in France- his mother and sister
visited cemetery.

Notes for Hazel Frances HEWITT:

!Birth:Info from mother, Florence Hewitt

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