Spencer DENNIS (RIN: 758), son of George Washington DENNIS and Elizabeth WHITING , was born 12 October 1875 in S Sodus, Wayne, NY. He married Maxine ROBERTS 15 November 1904. He died 21 March 1955 in Anacortes, WA. Maxine ROBERTS (RIN: 909) was born 08 September 1883 in Clinton, AR.

Children of Spencer DENNIS and Maxine ROBERTS are:
1. Edwin E DENNIS (RIN: 910), b. 09 May 1906 See Edwin E DENNIS & May COLEMAN
2. Carl L DENNIS (RIN: 911), b. 18 December 1912 See Carl L DENNIS & Helen MCDOLE OR Carl L DENNIS & Orpha DECKER
3. Agnes DENNIS (RIN: 912), b. 09 January 1916 See Roy HART & Agnes DENNIS

Notes for Spencer DENNIS:

!Birth:Bible owned by Hazel Hewitt, Oswego, NY

!Married:Maxine Roberts 15 Nov 1904

!Children:Edwin, Carl, Agnes

Notes for Maxine ROBERTS:

!Birth:Letter from Lenore D. Arnold to Isadore Whitbeck Cull

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