Henry Botford ARNOLD (RIN: 913) was born 18 June 1872 in Whidby Is., WA. He married Lenore DENNIS 20 June 1904 in Seattle, WA. He died 18 September 1923 in San de Fuca, WA. Lenore DENNIS (RIN: 759), daughter of George Washington DENNIS and Elizabeth WHITING , was born 20 August 1879 in S Sodus, Wayne, NY.

Children of Henry Botford ARNOLD and Lenore DENNIS are:
1. Warner Allison ARNOLD (RIN: 914), b. 23 November 1915

Notes for Henry Botford ARNOLD:

!Married:Records of Mildred Cull Kimmel

!Birth:Kimmel/Williams, p. 52.


Notes for Lenore DENNIS:

!Birth:Bible owned by Hazel Hewitt, Oswego, NY

!Married:Henry Botford Arnold 20 Jun 1904, Seattle, WA

!Children:Alanson Warner b 23 Nov 1915

Notes for Warner Allison ARNOLD:

!Birth:records of Mildred Cull Kimmel (Kimmel/Williams, p. 53)

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