Dexter D. GARLAND (RIN: 1484) was born 15 February 1827 in Westbrook, ME. He married Julia Caroline DENNIS 16 March 1848 in Hallowell, Me. He died 13 April 1890. Julia Caroline DENNIS (RIN: 777), daughter of Thomas DENNIS and Abigail DAVENPORT , was born 16 April 1829 in , ME.

Children of Dexter D. GARLAND and Julia Caroline DENNIS are:
1. Fred A. GARLAND (RIN: 1485), b. 09 December 1853
2. Frank C. GARLAND (RIN: 1867), b. 04 May 1849
3. Thomas Henry GARLAND (RIN: 1868), b. 10 December 1855
4. George W.C. GARLAND (RIN: 1869), b. 23 December 1863

Notes for Dexter D. GARLAND:

Notes for Julia Caroline DENNIS:

!Birth:History of Litchfield, ME

!Marriage:VR Hallowell, p. 15

Notes for Fred A. GARLAND:

Notes for Frank C. GARLAND:

!Garland (1897) Called Francis Albert Garland in VR of Hallowell.

Notes for Thomas Henry GARLAND:

!Birth: Garland (1897)

!Marriage: m. Annie M. Tracy 14 May 1883, no ch.

!res. Inglewood, IL

Notes for George W.C. GARLAND:

!Birth: Garlan (1897)

!Residence: Chicago

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