Rodney Gove DENNIS (RIN: 883), son of Rodney Strong DENNIS and Cecile MIELLEZ , was born 15 September 1896 in New York City, NY. He married Marion CHENEY 1894. He died December 1966 in New York, NY. Marion CHENEY (RIN: 933) was born September 1897 in S. Manchester, CT.

Children of Rodney Gove DENNIS and Marion CHENEY are:
1. Rodney Gove III DENNIS (RIN: 934), b. 13 November 1930 See Rodney Gove III DENNIS & Joan BROWNE OR Rodney Gove III DENNIS & ?

Notes for Rodney Gove DENNIS:

!Birth:Rodney Gove Dennis Gen. by Thomas Little 1911

Resided:In 1911 moved from NYCity to Hartford, CT

Education:Yale College- 1920

Occupation:Employed by Patterson, Teele, and Dennis, CPA New York

Military:CT National Guard
World War I

!Death:R.G.Dennis III 7/96.

Notes for Marion CHENEY:

!Birth:R.G.Dennis III, 7/96.

!Marriage:R.G.Dennis III, 7/96

dau. Charles Cheney (1866-1942) and Mary Lydia Brainard (first
wife). Marion
also m. twice, R.G. Dennis being second husband. (RGD III, 7/96)

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