Frank E. SWAN (RIN: 947) was born 13 December 1857 in Clarendon, NY. He married Sarah Love DENNIS 22 February 1883. He died 06 April 1944. Sarah Love DENNIS (RIN: 937), daughter of Leonard DENNIS and Clara HORTON , was born 02 October 1859 in Williamston, Ingham Co., MI. She died 28 March 1925 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.

Children of Frank E. SWAN and Sarah Love DENNIS are:
1. Roy B. SWAN (RIN: 974), b. 29 May 1886 See Roy B. SWAN & ?
2. Clara A. SWAN (RIN: 975), b. 19 August 1888
3. Ruth E. SWAN (RIN: 976), b. 26 January 1893
4. Myrl L. SWAN (RIN: 977), b. 05 June 1890
5. Blanche SWAN (RIN: 991), b. 26 November 1897

Notes for Frank E. SWAN:

Notes for Sarah Love DENNIS:

Notes for Clara A. SWAN:

!Marj. Follmer (Kimmel notes, p. 35a).

!Birth: Tombstone, Info from Ronald D. Blanchard, Lansing, MI 11/2000; Follmer notes, p. 27A.

!Death: Tombstone and Blanchard

!Buried: Dennis cemetery

!Married: Orville Roy Devine (1884-1968), had son Douglas (Dennis
Cemetery records)

Notes for Ruth E. SWAN:

!Birth: info from Ronald B. Blanchard 11/2000; Follmer notes, p. 27A give 23 Jan 1893.

!Death: ditto

!Burial: Ditto: Dennis Cemetery.

Notes for Myrl L. SWAN:

!Buried: Dennis Cemetery, Wheatfield Township.

!Birth: Tombstone and info from Ronald B. Blanchard, Lansing, MI 11/2000

!Death: Tombstone and Town Clerk's records, Blanchard

Notes for Blanche SWAN:

!Kimmel, p. 34-35.

!Birth: info from Ronald B. Blanchard, Lansing, MI 11/2000

!Marriage: 26 Jun 1919 to Roy Blanchard (1895-1960). Twin sons Ronald and Donald.

!Death and burial: Blanchard

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