Alva Isaac BRAVENDAR (RIN: 945) was born 1871. He married Myra Lydia DENNIS 16 March 1904 in Wheatfield, Ingham Co., MI. He died 1935. Myra Lydia DENNIS (RIN: 942), daughter of Joseph Horton DENNIS and Fanny SEBRING , was born 23 July 1878. She died 1944.

Children of Alva Isaac BRAVENDAR and Myra Lydia DENNIS are:
1. Doris BRAVENDER (RIN: 1789)
2. Lois BRAVENDER (RIN: 1790)

Marriage Notes for Alva Isaac BRAVENDAR\Myra Lydia DENNIS:

!Marriage: Follmer notes, p. 27A

Notes for Alva Isaac BRAVENDAR:

!Birth:year on tombstone

!Death:year on tombstone

Myra and Alva's names on one side of stone; other side -- Ralph
and Lois A. Baker (1911-1988). Ralph was a Mason, Lois may have been
a dau. of
Alva and Myra. E. end of cemetery = one stone: Elmer A. (1879-1964)
Wilhelmina (1882-1967) Bravender (possible brother of Alva); son
Gordon R.

Notes for Myra Lydia DENNIS:

!of Wheatfield Twnshp (obit of Joseph Dennis - Book X, p.49-50)

!Birth:year on tombstone, date from Follmer notes, p. 27A.

!Death:year on tombstone

Names on opposite side of tombstone: Ralph R. (1911-1946) and Lois A.
(1911-1988) Baker -- possible daughter and son-in-law of Bravenders'

Notes for Doris BRAVENDER:

!Name: Follmer notes, p. 27A

!Marriage: to ___ Atwood (ditto)

Notes for Lois BRAVENDER:

!Name: Follmer notes, p. 27A

!Marriage: to ___ Baker. (ditto)

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