Albert Charles MINNIS (RIN: 969) was born 09 January 1845 in Washtenaw Co., MI. Mary Love DENNIS (RIN: 956), daughter of Joseph DENNIS and Emily RIGGS , was born 28 February 1851. She died 1918.

Children of Albert Charles MINNIS and Mary Love DENNIS are:
1. Claude MINNIS (RIN: 970), b. 1875
2. Claudia MINNIS (RIN: 971), b. 1875

Notes for Albert Charles MINNIS:

Notes for Mary Love DENNIS:

!Follmer/Boyd, p. 35.

!Birth:1870 Census; exact date - Follmer notes, p. 25.

!"Claudia's (Oswalt -- married name) mother" -- Follmer notes, p. 25.

Notes for Claude MINNIS:

!Twin of Claudia (M.C.Kimmel)

! Birth, death, burial: K. Minnis

Notes for Claudia MINNIS:

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