Thomas HARRIS (RIN: 1152). He married Martha DENNIS 07 July 1799 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. Martha DENNIS (RIN: 1002), daughter of William DENNIS and Abigail SMITH , .

Children of Thomas HARRIS and Martha DENNIS are:
1. William Dennis HARRIS (RIN: 1854), b. 29 April 1805
2. Abby D. HARRIS (RIN: 1855), b. abt. 1815

Notes for Thomas HARRIS:

!of Boston (Ipswich V.R.)

!Marriage:Ipswich V.R.

Notes for Martha DENNIS:

!Baptism/Birth:Notes of Leora Drake

!Birth: VR Ipswich

!Marriage: ditto

Notes for William Dennis HARRIS:

Notes for Abby D. HARRIS:

!Birth: R. Gilmore, Haverhill, MA ( 12/01

!Death: ditto

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