Ira E. DENNIS (RIN: 1046), son of George Edwin DENNIS and Maria ROBERTS , was born 16 September 1867 in , Henry Co., IA. He married Lillie May MADISON 27 June 1900 in Valley Co. NE. He died 19 March 1943 in Arthur, Arthur Co., NE. Lillie May MADISON (RIN: 1045) was born February 1872 in , McHenry Co., IL. She died 1938 in Arthur, Arthur Co., NE.

Children of Ira E. DENNIS and Lillie May MADISON are:
1. David Ira DENNIS (RIN: 1066), b. 1901 See David Ira DENNIS & Alma Faye STEINKE
2. Nettie May DENNIS (RIN: 1067), b. abt. 1904 See Mark DELZELL & Nettie May DENNIS
3. Benjamin Clyde DENNIS (RIN: 1068), b. abt. 1910
4. Oliver George DENNIS (RIN: 1069), b. abt. 1912

Other Marriages/Unions for Ira E. DENNIS:

Notes for Ira E. DENNIS:

!Birth: R. D. Keppel, 4644 Winding Way, San Jose, CA 95129-4352
(408-253-5928), 7/96. Exact date - Manners, p. 71


!Death:ditto; exact date - Cathy Dennis, 4/97


Notes for Lillie May MADISON:

!Birth:R.D.Keppel 7/96



Parents: Thomas Madison and Eliz. (Betsy) Kittenger (R.D.Keppel)

Notes for Benjamin Clyde DENNIS:

Lived in Larned, KS - Manners, p. 91-94.

!Birth:R.D. Keppel 7/96


Notes for Oliver George DENNIS:

Lived in Colorado Springs, CO (Manners, p. 91-94)

!Birth:R.D. Keppel 7/96

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