William DENNIS (RIN: 1148), son of William DENNIS and Abigail SMITH , was born abt. 1775. He married Eunice PEARSON 27 January 1801 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He died 08 January 1808 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. Eunice PEARSON (RIN: 1154) was born 31 October 1777. She died 14 December 1865.

Children of William DENNIS and Eunice PEARSON are:
1. William P. DENNIS (RIN: 1156) See William P. DENNIS & Sarah T. BRIMMER

Notes for William DENNIS:

!Baptism:Ipswich V.R. and Library notebook

!Death:Johnson and Ladd (1935), p. 66. Aged 33.

!Burial:ditto - Old North Churchyard- E-110

Notes for Eunice PEARSON:

!Marriage:Ipswich V.R.

!Baptism:Ipswich V.R.

!Death:Johnson and Ladd (1935), p. 66. Aged 88.

!Burial:ditto - Old North churchyard, E-110

Dau. Lt. Enoch Pearson and Eunice (Choate) Marshall (Ipswich
Library notes)

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