Leo DENNIS (RIN: 1330), son of Harvey L. DENNIS and Maud STEVENS , was born 1891. He died 1980. Euneta J. UNKNOWN (RIN: 1795) was born 07 March 1903. She died 04 July 2000 in Mason, Ingham Co., MI.

Children of Leo DENNIS and Euneta J. UNKNOWN are:
1. Elaine DENNIS (RIN: 1797)

Notes for Leo DENNIS:

!Birth: The Carl Family ("Dansville, Mich., RFD")

!Death: Year only - obit of wife, Euneta in Lansing (MI) State J. 6 Jul 2000

Notes for Euneta J. UNKNOWN:

Notes for Elaine DENNIS:

!Marriage: to Oakley Thornton of Holt, Ingham Co., MI (obit of mother)

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