William BARBOUR (RIN: 1452) was born abt. 1809 in New York. He married Mary D. Polly DENNIS abt. 1835. He died 11 November 1846 in Lake Superior. Mary D. Polly DENNIS (RIN: 1447), daughter of Royal DENNIS and Susan (Sukey, Sankey) WATSON , was born abt. : Jan 1809 in Fair Haven, Rutland Co., VT. She died 01 September 1886 in Armada, McComb Co., MI.

Children of William BARBOUR and Mary D. Polly DENNIS are:
1. George BARBOUR (RIN: 2235), b. abt. 1836
2. Frank BARBOUR (RIN: 2236), b. abt. 1843
3. Helen BARBOUR (RIN: 2237), b. abt. 1845 See William H. ALLEN & Helen BARBOUR

Other Marriages/Unions for Mary D. Polly DENNIS:
See Charles FARRAR & Mary D. Polly DENNIS

Notes for William BARBOUR:

Birth: Helen Ullman (hsullman@comcaset.net) WorldConnect 1/21/11

Marriage: ditto

!Death: ditto

!Burial: ditto

!of Pontiac, MI (Cutter, 1908, p. 1914); Barker, according to Paige (1883), p. 361.

Notes for Mary D. Polly DENNIS:

Birth: Helen S. Ullman (hsullman@comcast.net) WorldConnect 1/21/11

!Marriage:Cutter (1908), p. 1914. & Ullman

Death: Ullman

Notes for George BARBOUR:

Birth: Helen Ullmann (hsullmann@comcast.net) WorldConnect 1/21/11

Notes for Frank BARBOUR:

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