John Q. ADAMS (RIN: 1801). He married Lettie L. DENNIS 28 October 1890. Lettie L. DENNIS (RIN: 1553), daughter of John Dix DENNIS and Adeline GRANGER , was born August 1872 in Fairgrove, Tuscola Co., MI. She died 22 October 1909.

Children of John Q. ADAMS and Lettie L. DENNIS are:
1. Edna ADAMS (RIN: 1802)
2. Quincy ADAMS (RIN: 1803)

Notes for John Q. ADAMS:

!Marriage: Damrow (see John Dix Dennis)

Notes for Lettie L. DENNIS:

!Birth: The Carl Family. Damrow (see John Dix Dennis) gives month and place.

!Death: ditto

Notes for Edna ADAMS:

!Birth: Damrow (no date)

Notes for Quincy ADAMS:

!Birth: Damrow (no date)

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