James Duncan CROSBY (RIN: 1571) was born 28 May 1867 in Southwold, Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada. He married Rose Adeline DENNIS 24 December 1896 in Arbela Twp., Tuscola Co., Mich.. He died 03 April 1941 in Arbela Twp., Tuscola Co., Mich.. Rose Adeline DENNIS (RIN: 1554), daughter of John Dix DENNIS and Adeline GRANGER , was born 23 October 1877 in Fairgrove, Tuscola Co., MI. She died 1955.

Children of James Duncan CROSBY and Rose Adeline DENNIS are:
1. Cecil R. CROSBY (RIN: 1572), b. 1897
2. Maidee Rose CROSBY (RIN: 1573), b. 1899
3. Russell Dennis CROSBY (RIN: 1574), b. 1901
4. Mary Adeline CROSBY (RIN: 1575), b. 1902
5. Pauline McClay CROSBY (RIN: 1576), b. 1907
6. Donald H. CROSBY (RIN: 1577), b. 1911
7. James Dennis CROSBY (RIN: 1578), b. 1916

Marriage Notes for James Duncan CROSBY\Rose Adeline DENNIS:

!Source: Robert Schoens Oct 2011

Notes for James Duncan CROSBY:

Notes for Rose Adeline DENNIS:

Notes for Cecil R. CROSBY:

!Birth: The Carl Family

!Marriage: Robert Shoens, 18487 Jamestown Cir., Northville, MI 48167, 11/01
m. 11 Oct 1958 at Millington, MI, Phyllis Madsen O'Connor (b. 5 June 1918)

!Death: ditto

Notes for Maidee Rose CROSBY:

Notes for Russell Dennis CROSBY:

Notes for Mary Adeline CROSBY:

!Birth: The Carl Family

Marriage: 31 May 1927 Arnold Wilson Nolf (Shoens - see Cecil R. Crosby

!Death: Place - Damrow, Shoens

Notes for Pauline McClay CROSBY:

!Birth: The Carl Family

!Marriage: 1 May 1940 James Roby Green (Damrow; Shoens)

!Death: Shoens

Notes for Donald H. CROSBY:

!Birth: The Carl Family

!Death: ditto

Notes for James Dennis CROSBY:

!Birth: The Carl Family

!Marriage:16 Feb 1942 Ivy Louise (Joanne) Sanderson (Bob Shoens)

!Death: (Schoens)

!Lives in Florida, wife d. 1998 (Shoens)

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