Gaylord HARRINGTON (RIN: 1798). Mabel V. DENNIS (RIN: 1569), daughter of James Leonard DENNIS and Jessie C. CALKINS , was born 04 June 1904 in Arbela Twhshp., Tuscola Co., MI. She died 29 February 1944 in Saginaw, Saginaw Co., MI.

Other Marriages/Unions for Mabel V. DENNIS:
See Clifford J. MARSHALL & Mabel V. DENNIS

Notes for Gaylord HARRINGTON:

!Marriage: Damrow (see John Dix Dennis)


Notes for Mabel V. DENNIS:

!Birth: The Carl Family; Damrow (see John Dix Dennis)

!Marriage: Date - Obituary in newspaper, supplied by Damrow.

!Author of many poems, short stories and has book now in publication (obit)

!Burial: Riverside Cem. (obit)

!One sister, Mrs. Malda Davis, , grandmother Mrs. Celia Calkins, all of Vassar. (obit)

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