Phineas RIGGS (RIN: 1645). Juliann DENNIS (RIN: 1646), daughter of Gilman DENNIS and Lucy C. DENNIS , was born 27 July 1822. She died abt. 22 June 1877.

Children of Phineas RIGGS and Juliann DENNIS are:
1. John Nelson RIGGS (RIN: 1751), b. 30 December 1843
2. Electa Ann RIGGS (RIN: 1752), b. 27 December 1858

Notes for Phineas RIGGS:

Notes for Juliann DENNIS:

!Birth: Samuel Dennis Bible (Pamela Greene, Portage, MI - corr. Jan 2000)

!Death and Burial: G.Moser (

Notes for John Nelson RIGGS:

!Birth: Samuel Dennis Bible.

Notes for Electa Ann RIGGS:

!Birth: Samuel Dennis Bible.

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