Warren DENNIS (RIN: 1674), son of Gilman DENNIS and Lucy C. DENNIS , was born abt. 1838 in Cuyler, NY?. He died 1926. Amanda M. (Mandy) UNKNOWN (RIN: 1673) was born abt. 1844. She died 1914.

Children of Warren DENNIS and Amanda M. (Mandy) UNKNOWN are:
1. Lydia (Lydie) DENNIS (RIN: 1659), b. 1885 See VAN DUSEN & Lydia (Lydie) DENNIS
2. Carrie B. DENNIS (RIN: 1672), b. abt. 1879
3. Carlton R. DENNIS (RIN: 2204), b. 1871 See Carlton R. DENNIS & Sarah PHINNEY

Notes for Warren DENNIS:

!All info from Wm. Ladd, Cortland, NY

!Death & Burial: G/ Moser (www.interment.net/data/us/madison/hillcrest/hill_df.htm)

Notes for Amanda M. (Mandy) UNKNOWN:

!Burial: G. Moser ( www.interment.net/data/search.htm)

Notes for Carrie B. DENNIS:

!Death & Burial: G. Moser (www.interment.net/data/search.htm)

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