Solomon DROWN (RIN: 1737) was born 10 October 1789 in Rochester, Strafford Co., NH. He died 16 October 1857 in Clyde, Sandusky, OH. Fanney DENNIS (RIN: 1735), daughter of Arthur II DENNIS and Lucy BURNHAM , was born 02 February 1803 in Kennebec Co., ME. She died 22 August 1880 in Clyde, Sandusky, OH.

Children of Solomon DROWN and Fanney DENNIS are:
1. Dennis DROWN (RIN: 1778), b. 16 August 1822
2. Charlotte DROWN (RIN: 1779), b. 15 December 1823
3. Dewitt Clinton DROWN (RIN: 1780), b. 06 March 1826
4. James Bailey DROWN (RIN: 1781), b. 26 April 1828
5. Fanny Rebecca DROWN (RIN: 1782), b. 08 September 1831
6. Marion DROWN (RIN: 1783), b. 20 January 1833
7. Joseph Ritner DROWN (RIN: 1784), b. 22 December 1835
8. Lucy Jane DROWN (RIN: 1785), b. 22 December 1835
9. Henry Harrison DROWN (RIN: 1786), b. 29 September 1839
10. Elvira DROWN (RIN: 1787), b. 11 November 1842

Notes for Solomon DROWN:

Notes for Fanney DENNIS:

Notes for Dennis DROWN:

!Birth: D. K. Patton (see father)

!Marriage: 11 Apr 1845, Seneca OH, Helen M. (Bartlett) Lay (ditto)

!Death: ditto

!Burial: Lay Cem. (G. Moser)

Notes for Charlotte DROWN:

Notes for Dewitt Clinton DROWN:

Notes for James Bailey DROWN:

Notes for Fanny Rebecca DROWN:

!Birth: D. K. Patton (see father)

!Marriage: 8 Jan 1857 in Seneca Co., OH, Horace Jameson -- has other marriage(s) (ditto)

!Death: ditto


Notes for Marion DROWN:

!Birth: D.K.Patton (see father)

!Death: ditto

Notes for Joseph Ritner DROWN:

Notes for Lucy Jane DROWN:

!Birth: D.K.Patton (see father)

!Marriage: 5 Cec 1857, Seneca Co., OH, Reuben S. Beymer (ditto)

!Death: ditto

!Burial: ditto

Notes for Henry Harrison DROWN:

Notes for Elvira DROWN:

!Birth: D.K. Patton (see father)

!Marriage: 10 Apr 1860 at Tiffin, Seneca Co., OH, John Rapstock (ditto)

!Death: ditto

!Burial: Lay cemetery (ditto)

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