Thomas DENNIS (RIN: 1776), son of Thomas DENNIS and Dorothy (Dolly) RICE , was born 29 April 1791 in Barre, Worcester Co., MA. He married Ruth NEWELL 11 May 1813 in Barre,Worcester Co., MA. He died July 1838 in Barre, Worcester Co., MA. Ruth NEWELL (RIN: 1887) was born abt. 1796.

Children of Thomas DENNIS and Ruth NEWELL are:
1. Charles DENNIS (RIN: 1997), b. 15 September 1819
2. Charlotte Maranda DENNIS (RIN: 1998), b. 20 June 1831
3. Dexter DENNIS (RIN: 1999), b. 18 January 1818 See Dexter DENNIS & Nancy P. BRIGHAM
4. Ebenezer DENNIS (RIN: 2000), b. 11 January 1814
5. George DENNIS (RIN: 2001), b. 05 November 1815
6. Willard DENNIS (RIN: 2002), b. 30 March 1825 See Willard DENNIS & Hannah R. HILDRETH

Marriage Notes for Thomas DENNIS\Ruth NEWELL:

!VR Barre

Notes for Thomas DENNIS:

Notes for Ruth NEWELL:

!Birth: Warren Forsythe - see notes for mother-in-law, Keziah Holland "Newhall" in VR.

Notes for Charles DENNIS:

! Birth: VR Barre, Mass.

Notes for Charlotte Maranda DENNIS:

!Birth: VR Barre

Notes for Ebenezer DENNIS:

!Birth: VR Barre

!Death: (Eben) - VR Barre

Notes for George DENNIS:

Birth: VR Barre, Mass.

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