Elisha BACON (RIN: 1856) was born 02 July 1798 in Barre,Worcester Co., MA. He married Patty Wells DENNIS 04 April 1821. He died 15 August 1836 in Barre,Worcester Co., MA. Patty Wells DENNIS (RIN: 1777), daughter of Thomas DENNIS and Dorothy (Dolly) RICE , was born 09 May 1802 in Barre, Worcester Co., MA.

Children of Elisha BACON and Patty Wells DENNIS are:
1. Olive L. BACON (RIN: 2006), b. 07 February 1823

Marriage Notes for Elisha BACON\Patty Wells DENNIS:

VR Barre

Notes for Elisha BACON:

Notes for Patty Wells DENNIS:

Notes for Olive L. BACON:

!Birth: VR Barre

!Death: 30 June 1830 -- VR Barre - but this is before birthhdate

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