Henry Ray DENNIS (RIN: 509), son of David DENNIS and Julia Scott BARTLETT , was born 17 April 1878 in Gardiner, ME. He died 12 October 1963. Lilla ORMOND (RIN: 1978) was born 28 April 1883. She died 19 September 1978.

Children of Henry Ray DENNIS and Lilla ORMOND are:
1. James Ormond DENNIS (RIN: 1882), b. 22 June 1915 See James Ormond DENNIS & Cordelia LANGE
2. Thomas Gordon DENNIS (RIN: 2210), b. 20 August 1916 See Thomas Gordon DENNIS & Anne PYLE OR Thomas Gordon DENNIS & Diane Joy MILAM
3. Henry Ray Jr. DENNIS (RIN: 2217), b. 20 July 1913

Notes for Henry Ray DENNIS:

!Birth: tombstone.

Of NYC (Hill, 1949)

!Birth:V.R. Gardiner, ME (Webster, 1915); tombstone

!Death: Tombstone, Grant Cem. Find A Grave

Notes for Lilla ORMOND:

!Birth, Death: Grant Cem. Litchfield, ME Find A Grave

Notes for Henry Ray Jr. DENNIS:

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