Robert E. FINDLEY (RIN: 1974) was born 02 November 1868 in Montgomery Co, IA. He married Inez May DENNIS 11 January 1891 in Villisca, Montgomery Co, IA. He died 1950 in Meade Co, SD. Inez May DENNIS (RIN: 1959), daughter of Henry Clay DENNIS and Margaret (Maggie) Ellen BRAY , was born 01 May 1872 in Sterling, Whiteside Co, IL. She died 11 September 1915 in , Meade Co, SD.

Children of Robert E. FINDLEY and Inez May DENNIS are:
1. Lloyd G. FINDLEY (RIN: 1883), b. 22 April 1895
2. Hazel Ruth FINDLEY (RIN: 1981), b. 05 March 1893
3. Effie Zoe FINDLEY (RIN: 1984), b. 17 August 1892

Notes for Robert E. FINDLEY:

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