Elmer Nelson DENNIS (RIN: 2048), son of Arthur Nelson DENNIS and UNKNOWN , was born abt. 1860 in Seneca Co., OH. He died abt. 1901 in Seneca Co., NY. Alice L. REED (RIN: 2137) was born March 1864.

Children of Elmer Nelson DENNIS and Alice L. REED are:
1. Lelia J. DENNIS (RIN: 2138), b. January 1885
2. James A. DENNIS (RIN: 2139), b. November 1886

Notes for Elmer Nelson DENNIS:

!Birth: G. Moser

!Marriage: ditto

!Death: ditto

Owner of valuable property in Clyde, OH. (Beers Comm. Bio. Record)

Notes for Alice L. REED:

1Birth: G. Moser

Notes for Lelia J. DENNIS:

Birth: G. Moser

!Death: G. Moser

Notes for James A. DENNIS:

!Birth: G. Moser

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