Ames Ward DENNIS (RIN: 2073), son of Ward Lock DENNIS and Caroline N. HASKELL , was born abt. 1872 in Woburn, Middlessex Co.,MA. He died 1940 in Washington. Josephine A. LEYDEN (RIN: 2077) was born abt. 1877 in England. She died aft. 1930.

Children of Ames Ward DENNIS and Josephine A. LEYDEN are:
1. Ruth Edith DENNIS (RIN: 2088), b. 03 January 1908 See John ZINCKE & Ruth Edith DENNIS

Notes for Ames Ward DENNIS:

!Birth: K.B. Marshall ( Jan. 2007

!Marriage: Marshall

!Children: Marshall

Notes for Josephine A. LEYDEN:

! Birth: K.B. Marshall ( Jan. 2007

!Death: ditto

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